How to watch Tubi TV on Smart TV

Tubi TV Activation

Before you read this article you need to know that Tubi app is one of the largest free streaming services. It features award-winning movies and many TV series.This includes kid’s drama, comedy, Korean drama, British series, and much more. You do no need to do any subscription for this; you can download and start entertaining yourself.

If any new release comes also, you can watch it without any subscription. It even supports,  smartphone users for both iOS and Android. Usually, this app made more than 50 million downloads with a 4.6 user rating only on the Google play store.

Installation of Tubi app on Smart TV:

You only need to follow the below steps to watch Tubi TV; those are below:

  1. First, you need to have the internet on your Smart TV where you need to open Google Chrome.
  2. In the search bar, you need to enter .
  3. After opening the page, you need to register and Sign in with authorized phone number.
  4. In this, you will get the list of movies and videos. You can select anything from that application.
  5. You can even download the video player so that users can control the app and you can watch whatever you want.
  6. After this, you need to click on the Chromecast icon, and locate your text by clicking on the audio
  7. Now you need to go with the sign-in process where you need to use a Gmail account, and you need to open this from the Google play store.
  8. You will get the install button where you can download the Tubi TV with the help of android app player.
  9. Now is the time to watch your favorite TV shows. After that, also if you want any further details you need to open the link


Here you have got the complete-featured guide about Tubi TV. You can enjoy it here by viewing different languages movies, and programs without any subscription. We hope that our content is valuable and clear for the viewers and readers.