How to watch PBS on Smart TV

PBS TV Activation

If you have a 2017 model or newer than that, you are lucky because only you can download the PBS Video app. This app is top-rated, and it is entirely free for download. So for opening that app and using this you need not require any activation fee.

To download this app, you need to sign in to your TV account. If you do not have any account, then you need to register with your registered phone number.

The Procedure of watching PBS on Smart TV:

  1. Very fast, you need to select the Home menu button, through your TV remote.
  2. By using your remote arrow button you need to highlight the Apps option on your TV home screen. After that, select the Apps option.
  3. Again, you need to use remote arrow button and search the magnifying glass icon to select the options.
  4. By using the search feature, you need to search “PBS”and look for an the official PBS video app. After this, you also need to select the PBS Video app
  5. After this install option appears in the middle of the screen, you need to select that by clicking on the opportunity.
  6. After clicking, your app will start installing, and after the completion of download, you can open the file on the screen.
  7. You can even open it later from your home menu, and it will be listed with your other apps.
  8. When you open for the PBS Video app for the first time, you will get an authentication code to activate the app from the link.
  9. Whichever code you will receive will be the unique code for your device.
  10. You need to follow the link on your computer and enter the alphanumeric activation codeindicated on the screen.
  11. After you enter, you will get the Continue
  12. After that, one new screen will appear, asking you to login through Facebook, PBS account or Google. You need to select create a new PBS account and login to your new Passport-linked account. Important note, you need to have a passport link account.
  13. As soon as you log in with the account, you will get an authentication message that is successfully activated.


Now you can return to the PBS Video App, where you can start exploring new videos whichever in available on the app.