How to watch Locast TV on Smart TV

Locast TV Activation

Locast is one of the best streaming servicesthat provides free access to the local live TV channels. You can start Locast is very much fairly process so that you get all limitations that will impact the ability of the consumers where they can access the service. One limitation is Locast is not available in all the location. Another thing is it is entirelyaccessible where you no need to pay anything in the month for an uninterrupted streaming experience.

For the past few years, free TV streaming services is increasing, and it’s on-demand. There are many movies and shows which are similar to the Netflix and those are free to watch.

Locast is a bit different, but it provides access to many TV channels like NBC, ABC, Fox, PBS, and CBS. Here we will discuss how to install Locast TV on your smart TV so that you can enjoy your entertainment. Those procedures are talking about below:

  1. You need to switch on your smart TV with an internet connection.
  2. After that, visit the smart TV app store.
  3. There in the search bar you can type the “Locast App”.
  4. As soon as you get the pop up you click on the download
  5. Follow the procedure and click for installation the app.
  6. After completing of installation you need to open the app where you can see the “Locast activation code”.
  7. After this, you can see the six digits of the activation code, you need to activate that by visiting the link through the computer or phone.
  8. You need to make new Locast account with a username and password.
  9. After this, you need to wait a few whiles to complete the activation process.

As soon as you enter the Locast activation code, your TV will get refreshed automatically, and a guide will appear. You need to follow those terms and conditions then you are ready to go. You can start enjoying your entertainment with the smart TV.