How to watch Hulu on Smart TV

Hulu TV Activation

Did you hear about Hulu? Here we will discuss Hulu, and it’s activation procedure. Hulu can allow you to watch your favorite TV shows and movies with a hassle-free process.

Though Hulu is not available in your country, not to worry, you can use the app with the help of a premium VPN. Usually, it is easily accessible on Samsung TV, but if it’s not available  also you can download it through the internet.

Step by step procedure of downloading the Hulu app on your smart TV:

  1. Very fast turn your TV, and you need to have the internet on your smart TV. You also need to check the IP address restriction page and click on the “Register my IP address”.
  2. Now visit the VPN setup page to find out the DNS Server IP address,and please note it down.
  3. Press the Home button, and click on the Menubutton by using your smart TV remote.
  4. Select Networkand wait for network status to get change. After this process finish, select IP Settings.
  5. Click on the DNS Setting and select enter manually.
  6. Previously, you had note down the Media Streamer IP address; now it’s time to enter this.
  7. Press enterkey and open the Smart Hub
  8. Here you need to search the Hulu app; as soon as you get you to need start downloading the app.
  9. Start login with your log in credential, and watch your favorite movies on TV. For any further clarification, you can visit

Final thought:

Sometimes, the Hulu app may not work; you need to press the option called update, and after this process completion, it will start working. Sometimes you even need to do the Factory reset of your TV to work every application correctly.