How to watch HBO max on smart tv

HBO Max TV Activation

As all of you know, the HBO Max is one of the latest streaming servicesthat can only be watched on 4K smart TV. Since it has a very limited level of support, many consumer find difficult to download the app in their specific TV to watch HBO Max.

hbo max streamingHBO Max came into the market on 27th May, and it broadcast a wide variety of content. It has 1000s of hours of movies which includes popular titles, franchises, Max offer content, etc. Since it is a new service it has one division, HBO max.

Currently, HBO Max is only available as an application you can download on any Samsung Smart TV but it should be a 2016 model and newer version. Users also can download HBO Max in the Android TV app. Currently, whichever smart TV you buy, you could able to download HBO Max and start streaming.

Step by step procedure to download HBO Max on Smart TV:

  1. You need to open Smart Hub.
  2. As soon as you open you need to select “Apps” from the menu.
  3. Then click on the “settings” icon, which you will get in the upper-right corner.
  4. Then select “Updates” so that you can update your TV app.
  5. After that, you need to find the “HBO Max” from the list then update that particular app.
  6. After updating, you can start watching HBO Max. If any chance you are not able to download, then you can visit this link

Final thoughts:

As you all know HBO max new in the market so it is not available in all type of devices. In Apple device, it has an iPhone, Apple TV 4K, Apple TV HD, iPod Touch, etc. If we talk about Android devices, then it is available with Android TVs, Chromecast, Chromebook, etc. You can get this in PlayStation 4, which you will get the HBO Max PlayStation Store app. From Microsoft Store, Xbox One can allow you to download HBO Max.