How to watch Fox News on Smart TV

Fox News TV Activation

If you are a Fox News fan, then you will also be a fan of cable news. Without cable also you can watch Fox News, where you will also get the 24-hours news network. “FOX NOW” is an app that will stream your favorite FOX shows as per your demand. You can even expect to see that news live if they are local. Sports news you see live always. This Fox application is always free for download, but to get access to the show, you need to pay the TV provider.

The user can even watch FOX NOW, in their phone and it has to be an iOS or Android device. You need to enter the paid credential of TV subscription and active the app to stream your favorite shows like live sports, news, serials, etc.

How to watch Fox News on your smart TV:

  1. First, you need to download the FOX NOW app on your Smart TV through the internet.
  2. You need to press “enter” and get the “download” button. Select that button, and it will start downloading.
  3. As soon as it gets download, you need to do the activation of this app. For this, you need to select the “Activate TV”.
  4. Need to record the activation code which appears on the screen.
  5. Then you have to open a browser on your computer and visit the site to get the paid TV user ID and password.
  6. As soon as you validate the ID with the TV provider, you need to go to the “My Device” of your FOX profile; you need to enter the activation code, then your device will get activated.
  7. After the activation, you can start watching TV.

Final thought:

Now a days FOX NOW has grown so much that it has two types of episodes, including live and demand where users will get FOX shows, sports, live local news, etc. Fox Sports app shows the live game and also provide the expert analysis, odds, highlights, and game scores.